The world of international shipping is fascinating and ever changing, and at any given time, without notice, it can significantly alter the economics of a shipment.

Everything in the world affects deep sea shipping: politics, weather, economy, holidays and, of course, war. This is a market that reacts to supply and demand extremely quickly, and it cannot be taken for granted that the rate you paid yesterday is going to be available today, or tomorrow.

We have contacts all over the world and can find the best suited ship for your cargo when and where you need it and will manage the daily operations from start to finish.

We can cover the market from 1000mt to cape size cargoes, timecharters, U.S. flag Jones Act and ocean going tugs and barges.

Our post fixture department will take care of all day-to-day matters of getting the ship into port and loaded to the discharge port and discharged. They will also perform lay time calculations on each shipment determining demurrage or dispatch.

OUR PROMISE: You will always know where your shipment is and when it will be delivered.